Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro (Lugo, 1981). Independent filmmaker and video editor. Cofounder
and director until 2007 in Cineclube de Compostela and three issues of the film magazine Ariel,
boletín de cinema en galego
. Documentalist at TVE-Galicia, classifying its historical visual archives,
Documentary film master's degree (UAB, Barcelona) and PhD in Contemporary Film Studies (UPF,
Barcelona, master thesis Filming History from Peter Weiss). Contributor at Radio Galega, Xornal
de Galicia, Blogsandocs and Asociación Lumière.

Since 2014 I'm founder worker of NUMAX, S. Coop. Galega, where I assume tasks of general coordination
and the direction of the cinema NUMAX.

CCCV-Cineclube Carlos Varela (2005)
Artaud's Trial (2010) -short-
Galicia 1936-2011. Studies on Carlos Velo's Film [with Pablo Cayuela] -short-
ExtraLife (2013)