Extra Life

Every week a new millionaire
Five plus bonus on the lottery
Now he’s out of all this bullshit
Who the fuck wants his name in an encyclopedia
You laggin’ behind dreamin’ of a taboo world
And if you get some cash you buy some Cardhu
Let’s see what would you do
I know I’m no better than them
On the tube the three-c society
Chick, crib, car and make it a Mercedes
If you got no family you better get high
Drugs give you a death for you to surrender
And again, another month coughin’ up
And further and further away than you thought
The kid isn’t growin’ up, no
I live a dream of alcohol that evaporates me
Is there anything out there?
Even though I can’t find it it’s waitin’ for me
Inspirin’ me, I don’t know its name but I live like this
Behind the disease there’s a brave new world
Callin’ me
And I have the hook of Kareem
But I never play basketball
Mine is a tendency to get attracted to disaster
Mister master

Take me away fast and take out of the pocket
What you hid under the mattress
‘cause a time will never come to spend it
The way we’d like to

There I go, mountin’ feasts with the crew
Don’t believe it, but there’s still hope, dude
Underground smell, I'm all snazzy
SuperMario, but in real life

I live in tracksuits bought on sale
In A Reixa dancin’ and bustin’ boxes
Hearts for stilts, pieces of cake
I look for what satiates,
An extra life ‘cause time goes away
And cash rules
Weighs on the scale, you can’t get your mind around it  
Where is the door to another galaxy?
Everything suffocates
Galicia fumble
I crave to travel in the TARDIS
With the Doctor, with Harry, with Sarah Jane Parker
Doctor: what you gonna diagnose?

Malandrómeda, you arrive late!

An extra life
Outta this place

I had a plan, but I don’t have a dime,
I’ll save by eatin’ crusts of bread
Isn’t it really worth it?
Like the Superbabes
Oh, I’m real hooked
I’m their number one fan
I’ll write to you from fantastic worlds
About adventures in romantic contexts
A jacuzzi full of hot wine
And barbecued ribs at the Ritz in New York
And the tic tic toc goes on
Any day with Tupac to Boisaca and you won’t live to tell it
I’m not Bruce Lee I don’t sing with Public Enemy
I wanna leave to a place that doesn’t exist
To not miss things that we’ll no longer have
And we’ll never ever see

Good-bye little rills

Those canned futures are obscene
And how bad I am at video games
Travellin’, makin’ new friends,
But keepin’ the old
Every morning in the mirror the shit fuckin’ kills me
I keep tryin’, I wanna be a warrior
While the stuf

I spit rap
Live in tracksuit
Godson of Moncho and the General
Just before leavin’ on a trip to outer space
I would like to ask:
Are you ready to scream?


An extra life
Outta this place