(BAFICI, Buenos Aires, march 26th, 2013)


“The revolution is a game you surrender to for pleasure. Its dynamics are those
of the subjective fury of living, not those of altruism”. Almost half a century later,
few things seem as far back in time as the International Situationist and its idea of
deconstructing the left. However, the current European collapse exposes, now more
than ever, the need for new forms of resistance against the strategies of evil and
their atrocious advance. In his directorial debut, Ramiro Ledo faces that idea of
re-enunciating through the only possible path: self-criticism. First part: an assembly
after the occupation of Barcelona’s Spanish Bank of Credit. The images don’t exist,
they’re just shadows and flashes that, added to the accumulation of slogans and turns
to speak, have the effect of a death certificate. Second part: a table talk, the guests
expose their fears and doubts about the indignados, the resistance, the pickets,
direct action... Both sides, opposed and indivisible, form what is perhaps one of the
most uncomfortable and tough Spanish films in recent memory. It is not a pleasant film,
and it isn’t enlightening, it is a relentless and honest work, appropriate in these
ferocious times".

Fran Gayo


published in 15 BAFICI 2013 catalog